The coc village maiden.

The village maiden is misunderstood. Yes, she’s mentally challenged. But can’t anyone see how helpful she is in the base?! Here she is, struggling with her illness, and yet she takes it upon herself to encourage and uplift the troops, the collectors, the weapons, and even the trees and bushes!
“You are beautiful” she says to the elixar collector, clapping her hands.
“What an amazing job you’re doing keeping the loot safe” she says, clapping for the mortars and cannons.
“You were so very brave” she says, clapping for the gravestones.
She’s the one, who’s always there, always encouraging the troops before the battle, making sure everyone is taken care of ok….
Why does everyone have to make fun of her? Can’t they see what a wonderful beautiful person she is?…..
That’s just how I see it….
Madi T
(XD Hahahaha)